All One Needs To Know About Wildlife Removal


Growing up in the mountains, it was not uncommon to come across and see bears in your yard or on your daily commute and activities. The locals around these parts just see them as part of their home rather than a nuisance. However, it was also rumored that this year had seen a record number of bear invasions in which bears had wandered into people’s homes while they were not home in search of food that they smelled.


I had always followed all of the rules when it came to preventing such occurrences in our home and had even invested in more sturdier bear proof trash cans for our yard. However, this did not mean that I could not also be a victim of a bear break in, so to speak. And one cold winter day as I hurriedly rushed inside from the cold, I realized that a bear had gotten inside before me. The house was ransacked and trash had been spewed all over the home. He had also gotten into our fridge and helped himself to the meat we had in the freezer. The bear had somehow then managed to lock himself in a room. I immediately called the forest patrol who recommended that I call a wildlife removal company affiliated with the state parks to assist me in safely removing the bear from my home.

I called up these wildlife specialists and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they arrived to assess the situation and form a plan of how to get the bear out of the bedroom. They used non-lethal darts in order to sedate the bear enough to transport him safely back to his home in the mountains. I felt so good that the bear was not harmed in the process and it made things just a little bit easier to see the huge creature up close in order to admire its strength and power. It was a day that I will never forget and one that I also do not wish to relive.

I try to be even more careful now in my daily food preparations as it appears that the bear had smelled something in our fridge that lured him inside. I am so glad for the help of the wildlife removal specialists and would recommend them to anyone else who encounters such an experience with some form of wildlife in the future.